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Sunday Readings | Modern Fair: The Paintings of Patricia Leite

  Sunday Readings   Modern Fair: The Paintings of Patricia Leite Text by Rodrigo Moura published in Patricia Leite 's first monograph, 2019   In a cold night in May 2018, I visited Patricia Leite’s studio in Perdizes, a São Paulo neighborhood, right before she sent her works for a solo exhibition in New York. During that visit, we spent a little over one hour walking around an unheated warehouse, looking repeatedly at recently concluded paintings to which she had dedicated those last few months. The artist showed a certain apprehension when talking about them. A mix of excitement and insecurity made her descriptions of her work simultaneously enchanting and unnerving. For a painter almost 40 years into her career, Patricia (I will give myself permission to use the artist’s first name in this essay) is far from having a close-minded perspective on her form of painting, a true relief in a scene that seems increasingly populated by artists full of certainties and devoid of patience to